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Query to find empty Acceptance Test field of the SCRUM Story

Siegfried Oesterreicher (10713730) | asked Oct 16 '15, 3:50 a.m.
I try to find a way to query only Stories that have an empty Acceptance Test field. If there is anything entered in the field they should not get shown.

Has anybody found a solution ?

Many Thanks

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Alexandre Stegani (8664) | answered Oct 21 '15, 6:37 p.m.
Hi Siegfried,

Because Acceptance Test is an attribute of type "Large HTML", querying is limited to "exists" condition. Other conditions are not supported via GUI.

I´ve found 2 enhancements requests in that is related to this issue:
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Siegfried Oesterreicher commented Oct 22 '15, 5:24 a.m. | edited Oct 22 '15, 5:24 a.m.

Thanks for investigation and finding the links.

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