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After upgrade from RTC 5.0.1 to RTC 5.0.2, do we need to upgrade the Jazz Build Engine?

Christopher Starr (44216) | asked Jun 05 '15, 9:18 p.m.
 We recently upgraded from RTC 5.0.1 to RTC 5.0.2 on a Linux test server (we upgraded JTS and CCM, all applications are installed on one server, application server is Apache Tomcat, database server is Oracle, we do configure a data warehouse, we do not use RRDI,  we do not integrate with other products, we followed the instructions at "Upgrading to version 5.0.2").

Question: do we need to separately upgrade our Jazz Build Engines? Are there a separate set of instructions for this? Or are we good to go after the JTS and CCM upgrade from RTC 5.0.1 to RTC 5.0.2?

Thanks you very much for any guidance.

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Alan Sampson (93749) | answered Jun 05 '15, 10:36 p.m.
While it's usually best to keep your clients at the same version as the server it is not strictly necessary to do so.  The most important consideration is that the server be at a higher release level than the clients that connect to it. See for details.

You should note though that there are performance penalties when older clients attach to newer servers and this overhead increases the greater the divergence.  This forum post discusses that issue:
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