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Is it possible to prevent 3.x RTC Eclipse clients connecting to a 4.x or 5.x CLM server?

Alan Sampson (93729) | asked Jun 17 '14, 3:30 p.m.
I'm given to understand that there are performance penalies to be paid if too many 3.x RTC Eclipse clients are connected to a 4.x CLM server.

If this is the case, what is the best procedure to identify and/or block back level clients from connecting to the server and are there any drawbacks in implementing such a solution?

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Alex Fitzpatrick (5583716) | answered Jun 17 '14, 3:49 p.m.
edited Jun 17 '14, 3:59 p.m.
Yes, this is a known issue.

Note that the performance issue was flagged as an issue in this flash, and documented as an APAR defect.
Also note that while the major issue was resolved in later 4.x and 5.0 releases, there will always be a performance penalty when using older clients with newer servers.

Login to CCM application as Admin; Go to Advanced Properties:
Search for "VersionCompatibilityRestService"
Note the setting for "Minimum client-compatibility version", by default this will be set to 3.0 to allow 3.x clients to connect to a 4.0 server.

Changing this to 4.0 will disallow all 3.x clients from connecting to your server.

Alternatively, you can set the "Version Compatibility Mode" to STRICT (the default is NORMAL).

Once the server is in STRICT mode it will only allow clients whose versions match exactly to connect.

In STRICT mode, a 4.0.6 server will only allow 4.0.6 clients to connect.
In NORMAL mode with the default client compatibility (3.0), any 3.x or 4.x client can connect whose version is less than the servers can connect.
In NORMAL mode with the client compatibility set to 4.0, any 4.x client can connect whose version is less than the servers but all 3.x clients will be rejected.

At this time, the only known drawback is that end-users who need to work with different servers of different versions have to choose between having two clients and causing severe performance overhead on the server.
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Sumant Renukarya (1.1k23339) | answered Jun 17 '14, 3:35 p.m.
Hi Alan

1. I hope this thread helps answer the query on how to block the back level clients from connecting to the server:

2. Yes; there are performance issues with the older clients and newer server versions. I have seen this atleast in a couple of instances working with the customers. 

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