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Managing Work Item Templates

Lora Estey (7331920) | asked Nov 11 '13, 11:14 a.m.
Where is there documentation on managing templates?
Who can see them?
Who can create them?
After created, where can we find them/tweak them?

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Stephanie Bagot (2.1k1513) | answered Nov 11 '13, 3:16 p.m.
There is some basic information on the Information Center about work item templates:

The work item templates are stored in the project area process (Process Configuration -> Project Configuration -> Configuration Data -> Work Items -> Templates).

Anyone who is apart of the project area (or can see the project area based on access control) should be able to see the work item templates.

Once they are created, I don't believe they can be edited.

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Robert Carter (42928589) | answered Nov 11 '13, 3:22 p.m.
 Take a look at some of these articles:
Managing complex work item structures using templates in Rational Team Concert 3.0

Using a template to create work items

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Lora Estey (7331920) | answered Nov 12 '13, 9:33 a.m.
 Can you delete a template after it has been created?

sam detweiler commented Nov 12 '13, 11:33 a.m.

you have to do that from the Process Configuration for the project, delete, there is no 'update'.. you can replace the template with another version, but I think u need to delete the prior one first.

Project Configuration -> Configuration Data -> Workitems ->Templates

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