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could not set the attribute value while work item import in RTC

Ashwath G (6623951) | asked Jan 05 '15, 5:24 a.m.
Hello ,

We have exported the work items using internal id in RTC. And we are trying to import using only the default attributes except 2 attribute values called " phase detected" & "phase injected".

But while import its throwing the following error though we are providing the exact values in above attribute columns
as per the preconditions of process template all the work item kept under "open" state. Hence the mandatory fields including above attributes are provided with proper values.

Errors thrown while import on the above attribute columns are.
"Could not create the work item from : Attribute 'Attribute Phase Detected ' not set.

The 'Phase Detected' attribute needs to be set (work item <03:40:24>).

All workitems require at minimum a summary and a category be provided.  Additionally, depending on workitem and status, additional fields may be required as indicated by the asterisk.

And we verified all the preconditions like permission to the user performing this having Admin with all procss roles assigned.

So could some body suggest me where we are doing wrong.

Thanks in advance...

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PRASANTA CHAUDHURI (11032025) | answered Jan 05 '15, 5:46 a.m.
Well , you can debug  step by step
Take the Backup of the Process .
Open the Project -->........-->  Operation Behavior--> Select Save WorkItem Server --> Select "Required attribute for Types and State" for a workitem type --> Edit --> Unselect all Check Box [[ Please Note down what you are unchecking ]] --> SAVE

So you do not have any Mandatory field
Now Import only one Row from the csv file [[ the Original CSV keep a Backup with all rows ]] for the same workitem type
Since that workitem type now does not have any mandatory fields -- it is expected that the import will pass . It will also indicate if passed that csv file is OK .

Make sure that datatype in csv column is same as in attribute type ( vice-versa )

If ok -- may import the full.

Should test first in demo project using the same process as in actual.


Prasanta Kumar Chaudhuri

Ashwath G selected this answer as the correct answer

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Ashwath G (6623951) | answered Jan 08 '15, 6:44 a.m.
Hello Prasanta,

Thank you. Solution worked.


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