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What is the best practice to flag a plan WI as being built/deployed in multiple environments?

Karthikeyan Narayanan (2636) | asked Nov 25 '14, 11:02 a.m.
If a Plan WI has multiple execution Task WI's that are used to check-in code, the build result shows only the Task level WI IDs' in the "includes" attribute and not the parent Plan WI.
If those execution WI's are built/deployed to multiple environments, what is the best practice to capture that information in the plan WI ? This information will be useful if a business user wanted to know which environment a given plan WI was built/deployed for testing purposes? Is it a good and simple practice to add a tag to the Plan WI as being in DEV_BUILT, QAT_BUILT, UAT_BUILT ? Please advise.


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