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Understanding of Plans

Mahari Hill (4861179230) | asked Oct 24 '16, 1:09 p.m.
edited Oct 24 '16, 1:22 p.m.

Trying to get a clear understanding of Plans. I have an iteration called Nov that starts on the 1st and ends on the 30th.

I create Plan1 for Nov and rank the items, if I create Plan2 and link to Nov, iteration, should it have the same ranking?

Basically, is it possible to have two or more rankings or "ranking views" in the same iteration?

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Ian Wark (79713553) | answered Nov 03 '16, 2:02 a.m.
I did a little test in RTC 6.0.2. I created two plans against the same iteration and displayed the work items as a Ranked List. I then did some dragging and dropping to change the rank ordering.

When I do this the ordering of the work items in each of the plans follows the same rank order. The ranking applies across plans. I think that is working as designed, although it may not have always been that way.

Can we get user defined ranking to take effect across views of a plan and even across plans against the same iteration?

If your goal is to rank one type of work item such as epic vs stories, you can filter out of one plan one type of work item and in the other plan the other type of work item, which effectively gets you two ranking views. Is that the kind of thing you wish to do?

I can edit the view to add an expression that filters a certain type of work item, for example.
Exclude --> Expression > type:Story

Create multiple ranks in a plan

You can have two ranking views in the same plan easily, by clicking the down arrow on the view and selecting Duplicate "Ranked List" View. You would then change the filtering for each view.

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