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Advanced Release Burndown Report: How is the 'Planned Release Iteration' determined

Stefan Raspl (611) | asked Jun 05 '14, 8:52 a.m.
In the subject report, the 'Release date' bar in the subject report seems to be off from the respective timeline's end date by a month, while in some instances it isn't shown at all.
Now looking at the 'Data' section of these reports, I see an entry 'Planned release iteration' which obviously is what the 'Release date' bar is based upon. For most of my reports, it lists the second-to-last iteration, while for the reports where no 'Release date' bar appears, 'Unknown' is shown.
According to the 'What does this report tell me' section, the 'release' iteration is identified as follows:

    The report identifies the 'release' iteration by looking for an iteration from the
    selected parameters that has one or more plans of type "Release Plan (Project)".

However, I'm totally at loss on what an iteration that has a plan of type "Release Plan" - is there some checkbox to look for (I couldn't find anything that could be that)...? What exactly does it mean???

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