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Why Advanced Release Burndown doesn't recognize Release Iteration?

Danuta Luczak (111) | asked Apr 10 '14, 10:37 a.m.

I've been using RTC v.4.0.3 web client. 
I'm facing a problem with Advanced Release Burndown chart. Even though my Timeline structure reflects Release-Sprint hierarchy (One Release with few Sprints below, all start and end dates are set), and there is a plan of type Release Backlog created for my Release Iteration, report still returns error:
ERROR: This report will generate a burndown chart for a single release, but you have not selected a release (an RTC iteration that has a project release plan). Please re-run the report and choose a single release together with all its child iterations.

BTW None of the Sprint Iterations has a Release Backlog plan created.
Do you know what my be the reason of such issue?

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