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"system or user abend S0F4 R=83000051 was issued" during dependency build on zSeries

Bernd van Oostrum (21725371) | asked Jan 25 '17, 4:00 a.m.

One of our project areas contains 3000 zOS-sources. Compilation always ABENDS with the message "system or user abend S0F4 R=83000051 was issued" during a dependency build.

On the host we see this message in the console:

M 4000000 IPO1     17024 18:24:45.68          00000090  IEF402I RTCBFA1  FAILED IN ADDRESS SPACE 00DA 210 <o:p> </o:p>

E                                         210 00000090          SYSTEM ABEND S40D - REASON CODE 10       <o:p> </o:p>

N C000000 IPO1     17024 18:24:45.77 STC16290 00000094  $HASP310 BPXAS    TERMINATED AT END OF MEMORY   

Any ideas on how to avoid this?




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Hania Abd-El-Razik (262) | answered Jan 25 '17, 9:52 a.m.

Hi Bernd,

It sounds like a space issue, but please open a PMR to have the dump analyzed.

thank you,

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Alan Sampson (93749) | answered Jan 25 '17, 6:58 p.m.

The z/OS System Codes document for a S0F4 ABEND ( suggests this is a z/OS error on a system component:

An error was detected by some system components. The ABEND reason code (in register 15) is the service return code. The service reason code is in register 0 and its first byte can be used to aid in identifying the reporting component:.
  • X'04' - IGWSPZAP
  • X'71' - CICS® VR Logger
  • X'77' - CICS VR Logger
  • X'83' - Program Management Binder
  • In most other cases, DFSMSdfp is the source
You should probably have your system team investigate.

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Olivier GAUNEAU (11) | answered Jan 30 '17, 8:18 a.m.

Hi Bernd,

I looked at your PMR with Céline.

We suspect your error comes from the Binder API used by RTC as Alan indicated above, see

83000051 All API functions Insufficient storage available. Dialog terminated.

The abends S0F4, 40D and 878 are all the outcome of a native out of memory (not Java so no need to increase Xmx).

The dump you sent misses critical information to be able to find the root cause of the memory shortage. We will need a dump with the following SDATA: CSA,LPA,LSQA,ALLNUC,PSA,RGN,SQA,SUM,SWA,TRT,GRSQ

Best regards,


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