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Where to put Java JAR's to access in reports?

Michael Dundek (41161) | asked Mar 12 '09, 6:32 a.m.

After reading the article on using Java classes in BIRT report (, I came up with two questions.

1. I successfully created a Java class that I accessed from my report using Javascript in a Dynamic Text element (I placed my JAR in the birt\scriptlib folder). Works great in the previewer, but I can't find the place where to put my custom class JAR on the Jazz Server report engine to make it work on the server BIRT engine as well. The article mentiones a ReportEngine/lib folder, but I can not find it anywhere?

2. It also explaines how to add other JAR dependencies if required by setting the APPCONTEXT_CLASSLOADER_KEY with those JAR's in the code. But it doesn't say where to add this code? In my custom Java Class? In the JavaScript on the report side?


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