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RRC Team Ownership

michele rosso (122) | asked Nov 29 '13, 10:58 a.m.
Hi Guys

Working with RRC v4 and looking to use Team Ownership to handle some required team write access permission limitation I have to set. 
I have checked documentation in Help for Rational Software and Jazz forum but I have still some questions.
If you could help for at least some of my questions, this would be very great for me.

1) First, checking if my understanding is rights about "Team Ownership":
"setting a team ownership for a folder is giving exclusive writing access for this team to this folder and its sub-folders (except if team ownership is again modified for these ones)"    right?

2) If a team is set owner of a folder, are the write permissions inherited by the sub-teams that may be defined under this team ?
3) I saw in the forum an answer telling if people are defined at the project area level they will have write access to all the folders.    If this is effectively applying:
- a)  does this means that even if a folder is created with only a specific team as owner, these people defined at project area would be able to write to this folder?
- b) does this apply for any role or only the role for which they have been defined in this area?
- c) if people defined with no role at the project area level what is happening ?
4) Are write access ownership applying also for comments setting and for Review participation rights or are there separate writing from the folders?

To understand my questions' need: 
I have 5 folders and I am looking to create 3 teams: first one with author writing rights on all the folders,  second one (normally including first team people but that can be separated) with author writing rights to all folders except the "F1" one belonging only to first team, and a third team with "limited author" writing rights to only the last 2 folders: "F4" and "F5".  F1 and F2 folders are required to be protected from third team's writing.  F1 is normally only for first team.

Thank a lot.

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Robin Bater (3.4k47) | answered Nov 29 '13, 6:15 p.m.
1) Yes that is correct
2) Don't know the answer to this as I have not tried sub-team inheritance
3a) Those people defined at the project area would have the same role rights on the folders as they have in the project area; for example on the RRC CLM project, the project area contains all of those people who have been explicitly added to the project but only have the "Everybody (default)" role which allows them to read, comment and link artifacts. We then add their names to various team areas and give them  "Author" role to those folders where we want them to have write access. The only people given author access at the project area level are team leads or administrators that we want to have access to every folder. The same person might have "Everybody" at the project area, "Author" role for one team area and "Commenter" for another
3b) Roles between project and team are additive.  Not sure what happens with sub-teams
3c) Usually there is a default role and they get the permissions defined for that default role.
4) Writing Commenting can be controlled in the permissions with "Save Comment". The only "Review" permission is "Save Review" and "Modify Review" which controls who can create reviews.

In your example, one option may be you could add everybody at the project area but only give those of Team one "author" role" in the project area so that they can write to every folder. Now to make it clear who owns Folder 1 (F1) add these same authors to a team one team area and assign it to F1 and all sub folders. Then create Team Two and make them authors of Folders 2 and 3, and sub-folders.

Now for Team 3 you could add those limited authors so that can only write to F4 and F5. You might have some people appearing in multiple teams.

There might be a more elegant way using sub-teams I just haven't tried.

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michele rosso (122) | answered Nov 30 '13, 2:13 a.m.
Many thanks Robin for your answer!  This is very clear and very helpful.
I will use your advices and set the teams in this such way.
I will also make a sub-team try to check and feedback here about what is happening in such case.  Just first I'v to get some time of my project's users to test their team/role.
In fact it would be nice an administrator can change his own role to a simpler one during a while  to be able make team/role behavior checking while not lossing his admin comeback because  of this change.... :-)  

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