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Inserting New Artifact into Module using an Artifact Template

Brian Vander Mey (5041520) | asked Jul 09 '14, 1:43 p.m.
Primary Question: How do I insert a new artifact into a module from the module view, while applying a template to that module?

If creating a new artifact independently, it is very clear how to apply a template.

However, if creating a new artifact within a module, I can't determine how I'd do that with a template.  My only option would be to add the template's source via Add Existing Artifact, make a copy within the module, remove the original, and then copy the template as many times as needed in the module.  

In my case, I'm including Actors and Business Rules in a Module-based Use Case Template.

Secondary question: As an admin, how can I force the use of a template in an artifact?
If a user wants to add several business rules to a project, I'd like to be able to set up by standard that every business rule he inserts starts with the template.  Is this doable?  I've noticed when creating a new artifact independent from a module that once you use a template, it assumes you want to keep using it for that artifact type unless you say otherwise, but given my primary question above, I don't seem to have that option in a module.

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Donald Nong (14.5k414) | answered Jul 09 '14, 10:51 p.m.
For the primary question, if you choose "insert other artifact type after ..." in the module view, you surely can pick an artifact template.
For the second, I don't think you can do it. We had similar discussions before.

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