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Determining Which RRC Project Area an Artifact Link Came From?

Kevin Dooley (1111) | asked Nov 08 '13, 3:58 p.m.


When several RRC Project Areas begin establishing artifact links from their areas to a Module in a "Master" RRC Project Area, the links are shown in ascending artifact number form, but not sorted/grouped/labeled by the area they came from.  This is in RRC 4.0.1.

I'd like to focus on only showing the links to the "Master" from only one of these project areas.  Can this be done?

Instead of seeing that 10 Project Areas have produced a total of 10 Links to an artifact in the Master area, can I just say "Show me the links from the Project Area ABC"?

Cheers - thank you!

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Gustavo Reis (13927) | answered Nov 08 '13, 5:51 p.m.
I'm not in front of my desk right now, so i tried to figure it out using the limited scope of the sandbox.

The only workaround I could think was to set a "project area" tag on your requirements and then filter by it. 


Gustavo Reis

Kevin Dooley commented Nov 08 '13, 6:21 p.m.

In one of the "Child" project areas, I marked an artifact with a Tag as you suggested.  This artifact is linked to an Artifact (within a Module) in the "Master" project area.

When I go to the "Master" project area, I can see that there's a References link coming from the Child area, this is good.  But I'm having a hard time filtering out the other Child areas who aren't tagged.  I just want to see the link coming from the tagged Child area.

Using the "Filter By Attribute" controls on the left side of my browser, I believe filtering on the "Linked artifacts" is my best bet.  Unfortunately, it appears RRC can't examine the linked artifact's tag to pull the one I want.  It can examine the following:

  • Link type
  • Artifact Type
  • Attribute

Thank you for your initial look at this Gustavo -- please follow up if you find more.

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