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what triggers the requirement of the tie of a Work Item to a deliver in RTC with the pre-conditions off

long TRUONG (3654120146) | asked Sep 18 '13, 9:53 a.m.
 We have turned pre-conditions on for deliver (client) in the env instance of the RTC to require a WI. However we have not done so on PROD, yet, once in a blue moon, a user (two so far, don't know if any more, unreported) is prompted for a WI before he is allowed to deliver.

We tried several things, and not sure which one actually put everything back to  normal, user can deliver without an associated WI.

Anyone, any idea why ?

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Lionel Li (23111216) | answered Sep 18 '13, 2:54 p.m.
Hi long,

 not sure if I understand/guess the situation correctly:

- there are two Project Areas, one for PROD, the other is for testing?
- In the testing PA, you turned pre-condition on for "Deliver (client)" operation in SCM under "Team Configuration" by adding "Require Work Items and Comments" precondition?
- and the user in PROD PA gets prompted for a WI before delivering ?

Please correct me if I'm guessing wrong and provide more info about what you are seeing. 

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long TRUONG (3654120146) | answered Sep 18 '13, 4:10 p.m.
 Your understanding/guess was right. I only mention DEV (for testing and POC) for contrast, the issue has nothing to do with DEV, ikts occurence is not even coincidental with turning pre-condition on.

It just happened on PROD, and I can't see any reason for it to require a WI association on delivering at all. When it happened i made sure that pre-condition has not been turned on, users try to close and reopen the RTC client, try to move the modified files to a nedw change set and more... There may have been a reboot. Then all of a sudden it reverts to normal behaviour, no WI association is required. We did not know what affected the reverse. 

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