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RQM: Export to PDF completes with error

Rajesh Avanthi (10815143173) | asked Aug 30 '13, 6:33 a.m.
retagged Sep 03 '13, 9:42 a.m. by Ralph Earle (25739)

While exporting multiple testcases / TestPlans / TestSuites, I get the below error and export fails.

RQM v4.0.3

Any inputs?

Jasper Van de Kreeke commented Aug 30 '13, 6:34 a.m.

Hi Rajesh, can you provide the error message?

Rajesh Avanthi commented Aug 30 '13, 7:37 a.m.

Hi attached the error screenshot.

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Srikanth Bhushan (16942734) | answered Aug 30 '13, 10:21 a.m.

Hi Rajesh,

I have seen this error, if some rich text editors of the test plan contains any content copy + pasted from WOrd.

Most of the time if you create a Table in Word and copy paste it to RQM rich text editor and doesnt click on Validate this might happen.

To solve this issue, you first need to find the problematic text. The XML output of the TP might give you something.

The adhoc way to find the tesxt is to remove the contents in each section of th etest plan one-by-one and try to print the pdf. If you remove content from one section and if pdf prints fine, thats where you have a probelmatic content.

To correct it is to make sure you "validate" any copy+pastes into RQM.


Rajesh Avanthi commented Sep 10 '13, 2:38 a.m.


This behavior is a know defect in this specific version of RQM and appears to be ie; multi-select export jobs throw BasicIndexOutOfBoundsException (90781)


Rajesh Avanthi

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