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RRC 4.0.2 Converter error

Naweed Jaulim (632532) | asked Aug 19 '13, 8:30 a.m.
retagged Aug 19 '13, 4:27 p.m. by Laura W. Hinson (16126)

I am getting an error when I try to edit a graphical artifact:

ID CRRRW8010E  The converter application encountered an error that prevented the graphical content from being created or retrieved. This is usually caused by a configuration error for the converter application. It may have missing dependencies or was not started correctly. Ask your administrator to verify the converter application was correctly installed and configured.

I am using the latest version on Firefox to view/edit the artifact.

I have also included the proxy rule for my public URI:
ProxyPass /converter/htmlgen https://<server name>:<server port>/converter/htmlgen
<Location /converter/htmlgen
              ProxyPassReverse /converter/htmlgen

This seems to point a server side issue as what I have been reading. I have tried removing the converter.war, restart WAS and also re-deploy the war file without any luck.

Any assistance will be much appreciated.

Kind Regards,

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Erica Tran (1.4k6) | answered Aug 19 '13, 8:43 a.m.
Hello Naweed,

You're viewing the graphic when this error appears, correct?  As you mentioned, this is being handled on the server side.  Editing a graphic artifact is handled by the client.   I recommend using the following article, it has been very useful in troubleshooting converter issues and has many issues documented.  There is a section for "Converter Proxy Configuration" in the guide.  Has the file been updated?  Also if you haven't checked the rm.log or converter.log, maybe there is additional info logged that may point to the cause of the problem.

RM Converter Application Configuration and Troubleshooting Guide

I hope this helps.

Naweed Jaulim commented Aug 19 '13, 9:33 a.m.

Hi Erica,
Yes the error is when I view the artifact and the fronting file have also picked up the changes automatically? Is this normal? or should this be manually tested

I can't see anything which is pointing to errors as well in the those logs files.

Where exactly would I modify the "http server authentication with these entries" from the link?


Erica Tran commented Aug 19 '13, 10:13 a.m.

Hi Naweed,
If the, is correct, then there is something else about the installation/configuration that is causing a problem.  There is a troubleshooting section in the guide mentioned just for the CRRRW8010E error you encountered.  The most common cause for this error is when the converter application is running on linux system configured to run in headless mode.  Have you reviewed this section?

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