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RTC Build Labels for BuildForge Builds not being updated by a retag

Rob Vanstone (546) | asked Feb 05 '13, 9:36 a.m.
Slight rewording of an existing question...apologies if this is incorrect etiquette.  When I invoke a BuildForge type of build the BF project that gets invoked has a static tag (e.g. BUILD_$B).  In my case this project is generic and when supplied with a parameter actually invokes another BF project (PROJECT_NAME).

At that point I retag the BF project with the PROJECT_NAME_$B tag and that's great in Buildforge, the job log correctly refers to the correct tag.

However RTC is oblivious to this change, and remains as BUILD_$B

Is there any way to affect this build label?  Even at the time of calling, since PROJECT_NAME is supplied as a property to the BF Engine that would be good to use.



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Spencer Murata (2.3k115971) | answered Feb 07 '13, 12:02 p.m.
 You can affect the build label through the API.  The name of the BF build in RTC is tracked with the configuration element:

So you could set something up like this:

This will persist on the Build Definition, so you should either set it back to the default, or make sure you call it each time.


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