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Jazz CLM - Create Lifecycle project - Error - Error instantiating the template: CRJCA0003E

Chris Marsh (37236) | asked Jan 25 '13, 11:50 a.m.
edited Jan 25 '13, 11:57 a.m.
 Afternoon all,

I recently installed a copy of CLM 4.0.1 and have registered all the services. Today I am trying to create the first Lifecycle Project, but I am getting the following error when trying to do so. 

This error is being thrown during the operation:

Creating project area 'Agent Portal (Requirements)' in /rm (cmarsh)

Server state invalid: UNREGISTERED (More info found at entry [a641d4b8050ad8de] in the RM application server log) 
Service unavailable 

Following this error I looked at the rm application log and see the following:

Error - Server Error: Entry [e53149d3df0a4ae9] Server state invalid: UNREGISTERED

I have a dual server setup where on server houses the Jazz server, and the RM server, and the second server houses the QM, and CCM services.

During the installation the system was able to find and register each of the services without issue. I also checked to be sure the RM server is registered with the Jazz, and it is.

/rm Requirements Management 4.0.1 [snip]
Installed Settings

Any ideas?


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Chris Marsh (37236) | answered Jan 25 '13, 12:51 p.m.
edited Jan 25 '13, 12:54 p.m.
 Okay, so I dug around a bit more and I resolved my own question.

Even though the RM application was listed under the Registered Applications, with a green check, and installed, It seems the RM server in this case was not properly registered with the application. 

I noticed this when I go to the "Jazz Team Server Home" and looked under the "Manage Application Artifacts" section. I noticed the RM application *was not* listed there.

Steps to resolve:

In my case, this was a new server setup, and therefor there was no loss of data fear. However, if you remove an application from a system with data in it, be sure you know the consequences of the data loss if you do!

1) Proceed to Manage Server on the main Jazz server (/jts or /jazz)
2) Proceed to Configuration --> Registered Applications
3) Find the /rm application and remove application.
4) Add the /rm application again.
5) "Finalize" the setup and rerun indexing.

I was then able to see the application under the artifacts, and create the new lifecycle project.

Hope this helps someone down the road.


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