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CLM link validation

Robert Hoffman (133) | asked Apr 07 '15, 12:47 p.m.

While working in RQM I have come across some link and reference issues. An example of the link issue: If a Test Case and Script are deleted while having requirements linked, then it is deleted from the trash, DNG maintains the links to the deleted Test Case/Script. The link is a dead link due to the deletion of the Test Case/Script. The reference issues I refer to is what seems to be a random record reference failure. It has only been noticed in Test Case Results. The Test Case Execution record has the Test Case Result hover over quick look, but when I click on the Test Case Result I get "CRJAZ0215E The following record was not found in the database: (stateId: , itemId: [UUID _rzM0cALMEeSJsdrcRfl7Kw], origin: , immutable: )" and cannot access the Test Case Result.

My question is: Are any tools that will provide any sort search or even correction capability for the issues that I have been seeing? I would like to see some sort of link verification. 

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Don Yang (7.6k21100135) | answered Apr 07 '15, 7:23 p.m.
Removing the back links seem to be added in the coming v6.0:

The comment 13 in the above workitem has mentioned OSLC Cleaner Utility which you may want to give it a try.

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