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Finding information: Wiki, information centers, or IBM Support Portal?

Authors: RalphEarle, StevenBeard

Customers often ask the difference between content in the Deployment wiki, the help information centers (ICs), and the IBM Support Portal. The following sections provide guidelines for locating content and for developing it.

Some content is developed iteratively in the wiki as the processes and best practices evolve; for example, CLM monitoring. As the content becomes stable, it moves into the IC.

It is a best practice to include content in one location only. Other locations can include a brief, general summary with a link.

Information that belongs in this wiki

  • Content that is specific to a unique or unusual system environment
  • Content that is subject to alternative approaches, opinions, or untested variations
  • Performance tuning information
  • Performance datasheets and case studies
  • Official scenario baselines
  • System requirements
  • Version compatibility
  • Security considerations for complex deployments
  • Troubleshooting: It is the intention for internal IBM teams, such as Customer Support, to capture troubleshooting information in wiki as it is learned
  • High-priority updates that occurred after the deadline for IC content

The information centers can contain general, high-level information on this content, with pointers into the wiki.

All deployment-related guidance and best practices that would have been published as Jazz.net articles are now being published in the Deployment wiki. This includes guidance and best practices in these areas:

Existing deployment-related Jazz.net articles that are still relevant or need to be updated will be migrated to the Deployment wiki over time, following the guidance for Migrating Jazz.net articles to the Deployment wiki.

Information that belongs in the ICs

  • Content that is robust and stable
  • Officially supported installation and upgrade processes
  • Interactive installation and upgrade guides
  • Configuration information
  • Standard security considerations
  • Standard usage information

For links to the latest product information centers and a discussion of different information center versions, see Help information centers.

Information that belongs in the IBM Support Portal

  • Product alerts
  • Product fix packs
  • Problem resolution information
  • Product technotes

You can customize your IBM Support Portal page to filter content that is related to the products that you select.

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