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Deployment wiki vision

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This topic outlines the vision for the Deployment wiki and the wider Rational Deployment community that it supports. This wiki was established to be the single repository for all additional Rational deployment guidance and best practices for customers, IBM Business Partners, and Rational staff, beyond the basic product and support documentation. The scope of the wiki is the full range of Rational product sets and solutions, but it focuses on guidance and best practices for the most commonly deployed product sets and solutions.

For the benefit of customers, IBM Business Partners, and Rational staff, the wiki aims to move from storing approximately 70% of existing deployment guidance and best practices internally in various IBM repositories to storing 90+% of this content externally on this Jazz.net wiki.

A key aim of the wiki is to strengthen the Rational deployment community for all stakeholders. The wiki needs a strong community of deployment experts, practitioners and users to develop and sustain its content. The wiki is moderated and has different levels of write access control to help maintain the overall quality of content, particularly of core guidance. Read access to the wiki is unrestricted, which allows for search engine indexing, and does not require you to log in.

Relationship between the Deployment wiki and other information sources

The Rational product documentation and other documentation contains the basic product information that customers, IBM Business Partners, and Rational staff require first. This wiki contains additional subjective deployment guidance and best practices that supplement the basic product documentation. In addition, some time-constrained information such as system requirements for the Rational solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) are also in this wiki.

Specific deployment guidance that is currently in the product documentation will be moved into this wiki over time. Wiki topic pages that become standard product information will be migrated into the product documentation. However, the majority of specific guidance on the wiki will not be migrated into the product documentation.

Jazz.net articles will no longer be created for deployment-related information in favor of the wiki. Existing deployment related articles will be migrated to and updated on the wiki over time. Jazz.net articles that are migrated will be replaced with links to where they exist on the wiki.

Rational Deployment community

Beyond providing a repository for deployment guidance and best practices, the wiki aims to further build and integrate the Rational Deployment community. This community joins all stakeholders who are involved in the planning, installation, upgrade, administration, and support for the deployment of Rational software and systems development environments.

This wiki supports several deployment-related Rational client-facing programs as part of the overall Rational Deployment community.

Enterprise Deployment Design Partner Program (DPP)

This program holds regular community calls between Rational and nominated customers and IBM Business Partners. The DPPs develop long-term relationships with a small set of select customers and IBM Business Partners and engage them very early in the development cycle. The program spans multiple releases and focuses on partnering with Rational in the design and development of its strategies, directions, and products. DPPs have helped improve product features and quality, verify market suitability before general availability, and increase client satisfaction.

To nominate a customer or IBM Business Partner (self-nomination is encouraged), complete the Rational Client Design Partner Program External Nomination to Participate web form. Select the Enterprise Deployment check box to nominate a customer or IBM Business Partner for this program.

IBM Rational Voice of the Client (VoiCE)

VoiCE is a series of 1-day or multiple-day confidential conferences that are generally held in conjunction with Rational Innovate Conferences worldwide. VoiCE is also held at 6-month intervals before and after Innovate in some geographies. Organized around product or solution-related tracks, VoiCE is attended by key clients, usually 10-25 per session. VoiCE is sponsored principally by Rational Support and VoiCE sessions are owned by Rational engineering and product delivery. Usually held in a face-to-face setting, VoiCE discussions focus on these topics:

  • Foundations
  • Product and solution roadmaps and directions
  • Client pain points
  • Feature and requirement priorities

All VoiCE participants must have a confidentiality agreement in place. Clients who want to learn more about VoiCE or other Rational Client Programs should email voiceibm@us.ibm.com. Follow Rational VoiCE on Twitter @RationalVoiCE.

Additional information about the Rational Client Programs can be found by following the link.

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