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Why can't I link Rational Asset Manager assets and CLM artifacts?

Authors: IntegrationsTroubleshootingTeam
Build basis: IBM Rational Asset Manager 7.5.1.x and later as supported with CLM 4.0.x and later

This document describes common issues encountered while integrating Rational Asset Manager with Rational solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) applications.

Initial assessment

  • In order to be able to integrate Rational Asset Manager and the version 4.0.x CLM applications, you need to have at least installed the TestFix5 (testFix5e-70522) to Rational Asset Manager (contact IBM Rational Client support to get the fix if you have not yet installed it).
  • There is no need to apply a test fix if you are using Rational Asset Manager


  • When you link a Rational Asset Manager asset to a CLM artifact, only the ID of the CLM artifact or unintelligible characters are displayed in the asset.
  • When you link a Rational Asset Manager asset to a CLM artifact, the name or summary of the artifact is truncated.
  • When you link a Rational Asset Manager asset to a Rational Team Concert artifact, the related artifact backlink is not created.

Data gathering and subsequent analysis steps

  • Does it affect all the linked CLM artifacts?
  • What characters are contained in the summary of the artifacts?
    • Does the summary contain cyrillic characters or trailing spaces or characters?
    • Does the summary contain special characters (like: " + ^ ~ < >) ?
  • Does it affect all the linked assets?
  • What characters have been used in the name of your assets?
    • Does the name contain double quotes (")?
  • What are the hostnames of the servers running Rational Asset Manager and Rational Team Concert?

Possible causes

Possible solutions

  1. Upgrade to Rational Asset Manager Here is the link to Rational Asset Manager Fix Pack 2 ( for 7.5.1
  2. If you cannot upgrade to Rational Asset Manager at this time, request the TestFix 14 (testFix14b-79107) or higher for Rational Asset Manager from IBM Rational Client support .
  3. Avoid using specific characters, especially double quotes (") for your asset names.
  4. Review this technote for solving the issue if your Rational Asset Manager and Rational team Concert have the same hostname: Unable to link an asset to a work item or post work item link in a forum

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Additional contributors: FrancoisPanaget

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