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Authors: RosaNaranjo, PaulEllis
Build basis: Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) 7.0.x, Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) 6.0.x, Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) 5.0

Page contents

This page has a list of concerns along with work items of interest all in the context of the IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) 6.0.x upgrade capability. It will also start to include 7.0.x Upgrade topics.

new16.pngThis page has been updated with information for and 7.0.x.

This article was originally targeting the following additional releases: The Rational solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management 2012, Rational Team Concert 4.0.x, Rational Quality Manager 4.0.x, Rational Requirements Composer 4.0.x, Rational Reporting for Development Intelligence 2.0.x. We have removed these from the Build Basis to concentrate on the supported Engineering Lifecycle Management 6.x series.



  • If you are planning to upgrade to the Engineering Lifecycle Management, plan to upgrade to 7.0.3, which is the latest release. VERY IMPORTANT Check for the latest fix pack available at the time you begin planning to stage your upgrade. There can be fixes that help avoid serious upgrade issues and are hard to recover from.

  • Generate an interactive upgrade guide from the latest Knowledge Center so that you do not miss out on any important steps that have been added to the upgrade.

7.0.x information

New for 7.0.3

7.0.3 includes Java 11 which no longer includes fonts. Check to see that fonts are installed prior to upgrading or you may run into a NullPointerException during the repotools -addtables execution. For X11 on Linux, these are provided by a package called fontconfig. To find out if fonts are installed use fc-list which is installed with fontconfig. If fontconfig not installed use e.g. dnf install fontconfig then fc-list will work to show the fonts installed or use fc-cache -v to see the folders where fonts are installed.

What’s new in IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management 7.0 enterprise deployments

  • Upgrade order is an important aspect to be aware of with upgrades to 7.0. Upgrade order should always be JTS first, then GC (if applicable), followed by other apps like EWM, ETM, Reporting, and lastly DN (DOORS Next). As it is expected that your DN upgrade duration will be longer than your ETM(Engineering Test Management) or EWM(Engineering Workflow Management) upgrade, then it would be possible to concurrently run these applications' upgrade. There other considerations, if you upgrade applications concurrently such as contention for resources on your database server and application, virtualized hardware.

For RM, you will need to understand the concept and applicability of link validity data migration. See Migrating the Requirements Management application link validity data in a single-server topology if you have collocated your JTS and RM within the same webcontainer.

  • repotools-rm -rebuildTextIndices - Best practice is to run this offline command. Prior to v7.0, this command was not applicable to RM. It is now applicable. It is highly recommended that this command be run prior to bringing the RM server online and for use by your user community. Fulltext search and other areas such as view query results may produce inconsistent or incorrect results if these indices rebuild is not complete. There is an online process that will rebuild these indices while online and at times there is a message displayed that this process is underway but the most reliable approach is to do this operation offline prior to server start post-upgrade.

AM to 7.0 Upgrade information

RMM 6.x (AM) was built on top of RTC 6.x to utilize SCM functionality provided by RTC, however, it was shipped as a standalone application which used "/am" context root by default.

In 7.0, RMM 6.x is now EWM+RMM Extension 7.x. It is no longer a standalone application in 7.x.

When generating an IUG, you must be cognizant of the answers provided to some of the questions such as the one regarding the use of custom context root. The most confusing part, which is not properly explained in IUG (yet), is that the upgrade of RMM 6.x to EWM+RMM 7.x must be treated in the same way as the upgrade of RTC 6.x to EWM 7.x with the custom context root "/am".

Thus, the answer to "Did you use a custom context root in your previous deployment?" must be "Yes" and the context root used by RMM 6.x ("am" or the other if it is not equal to the default one) must be explicitly specified in the corresponding field under the section "Enter the context root you used for your application:". Without these answers, commands generated in IUG will contain no mandatory parameters (such as "-applicationContextRoot am") and the upgrade will fail.


Issues encountered when upgrading to Engineering Lifecycle Management 7.0.x

Full ETL job fails after upgrading to 7.0.1 if the Default Workflow was assigned to an artifact type - DNG upgrade

07/28/2020 14:43:48,912 [dcc_etl_RRC_ODS_RRCResourceGroup0_fetcher_0] ERROR An exception occurred when connecting to the server: 
com.ibm.rational.datacollection.etl.authentication.OAuthETLHttpClient$3: <html>
<head><title>Error 400: Bad Request</title></head><body><h1>Error 400: Bad Request</h1>
<p>Slug should be decorated but is not &#039;DefaultWorkflow&#039;<hr><i>Requirements Management/7.0.1</i></p></body></html>
07/28/2020 14:43:48,912 [dcc_etl_RRC_ODS_RRCResourceGroup0_fetcher_0] ERROR Can not retrieve the resources after 10 retries.
com.ibm.rational.datacollection.etl.authentication.OAuthETLHttpClient$3: <html><head>
<title>Error 400: Bad Request</title></head><body><h1>Error 400: Bad Request</h1>
<p>Slug should be decorated but is not &#039;DefaultWorkflow&#039;<hr><i>Requirements Management/7.0.1</i></p></body></html>
    at com.ibm.rational.datacollection.etl.authentication.OAuthETLHttpClient.send(OAuthETLHttpClient.java:162)
    at com.ibm.rational.datacollection.etl.fetcher.DataFetcher.call(DataFetcher.java:247)
    at com.ibm.rational.datacollection.etl.fetcher.DataFetcher.call(DataFetcher.java:1)

Reconcile of collection/module/view fail in projects that were upgraded from 6.x to 7.0

See defect for more steps on how to reproduce this defect. The fingerprint in the logs is as follows:

- QM log:

2020-05-11 07:36:56,499 [              pool-40-thread-1]  WARN com.ibm.rqm.oslc                                    
- Fail to query for the update requirement for Collection: https://clmsupport:9443/rm/materializedviews/_4u1p8ZN4EeqMLJD9ydmLig 
Error accessing https://clmsupport:9443/rm/calmFilter/_jjc7cHgHEeqNiJdF5ysg7w/requirementsChangedSince?collection=https://clmsupport:9443/rm/materializedviews/_4u1p8ZN4EeqMLJD9ydmLig&after=2020-05-11T11:18:22Z: Bad Request

- RM log:

2020-05-11 07:36:56,311 [] [] [  Default Executor-thread-2313]  WARN .ibm.rdm.fronting.server.services.uri.UriDecorator  - Slug should be decorated but is not '_4u1p8ZN4EeqMLJD9ydmLig'
2020-05-11 07:36:56,326 [] [] [  Default Executor-thread-2313] ERROR erver.services.process.internal.ProjectAreaService  - CRRRS4122E  Error in HEAD request to determine project context. Falling back to DESCRIBE
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Slug should be decorated but is not '_4u1p8ZN4EeqMLJD9ydmLig'

Fixed in: 7.0 ifix 4; 7.0.1 ifix 1 (See Maintenance dashboard for dates and confirmation these ifixes contained APAR PH25384.

Error during version 7.0 upgrade of IBM Engineering Lifecyle Management solution "CRJAZ3170E The operation cannot continue because a previous database operation is in progress: Add tables in progress

DNG upgrade SQL Server

DOORS Next upgrade from ELM 6.x to 7.x on SQL Server appears to hang at Initialization Complete phase

Where can I find workarounds, technotes or late-breaking updates for the 7.0.x release(or latest generally available release)?

Workaround articles will be published on Jazz.net. A workaround article is a Jazz.net article that documents a single issue that is applicable to one or more GA releases. Here are some shortcuts to help you find what you need:

IBM Engineering Workflow Management 7.0.1 Workarounds

IBM Engineering Test Management Workarounds

IBM Engineering Requirements Management DNG 7.0.1 Workarounds

Jazz Foundation 7.0.1 Workarounds

Jazz Reporting Service 7.0.11 Workarounds

Engineering Insights Workarounds

Issues encountered when upgrading to Collaborative Lifecycle Management 6.0.6 and Engineering Lifecycle Management

new16.png CRJAZ1431E - The model COMPONENT_ID_IDX was illegally changed to be unique

When upgrading to CLM 6.0.4, 6.0.6 or ELM, we have observed: CRJAZ1431E - The model COMPONENT_ID_IDX was illegally changed to be unique being reported for SQL Server customers. The Interactive Upgrade Guide for ELM 7.0 will now include this information. The work item where this change is tracked is Document CRJAZ1431E - The model COMPONENT_ID_IDX was illegally changed to be unique in the Interactive Upgrade Guide for SQL Server. The new details are:

Resolving the CRJAZ1431E error message

If during the upgrade you encounter the following error message: CRJAZ1431E - The model COMPONENT_ID_IDX was illegally changed to be unique, you can use the SQL Server Management Studio to resolve the issue.

   1. Log into SQL Server Management Studio
   2. Set the indices property to Unique for both VVCMODEL_CHANGE_SET_ID_IDX and VVC_MODEL_COMPONENT_ID_IDX. 

Note - you should make the same change in the CCM, QM, and RM databases

new16.png "Error syncing enumerated values of ArtifactFormats Attribute Data Types." during upgrade

The defect Build to build migration failed with "Error syncing enumerated values of ArtifactFormats Attribute Data Types. details a scenario that has been seen in multiple upgrades. If you encounter this problem then contact IBM Support.

If you are able to follow the error in the addTables.log to the offending project, then you can evaluate if that project's data is required to upgrade. This should be relatively straight forward. If we take a look at the error, then we see:

Error syncing enumerated value of ArtifactFormats Attribute Data Type:
Enumerated model entry number: 12 out of 22
Type location: https://myserver.com/rm/types/_M0qOEz1nEeiGR5Ps3_opqR
Component name: my_Component
Component location: https://myserver.com/rm/cm/component/_L8JRsD1nEeiGR5Ps3_opqR
Project name: My Project Name
Project location: https://myserver.com/rm/process/project-areas/_AZbcDEfGHijKL1Mn2_opqR
Created by user: https://myserver.com/jts/users/myuser
Created on time: 2017-04-11T11:05:31.594Z
Modified by user: https://myserver.com/jts/users/ADMIN
Modified on time: 2018-05-02T17:10:54.686Z
Type RDF model:
  <rm:AttributeType rdf:about="https://myserver.com/rm/types/_M0qOEz1nEeiGR5Ps3_iorA">
    <owl:sameAs rdf:resource="http://www.ibm.com/xmlns/rdm/types/ArtifactFormats"/>

The rest of the error messages from the log would continue over each issue being reported.

If you need to keep this data, then you will need to contact IBM Support and create a case via IBM Support Portal.

If you are able to delete the data, say as it was test data then refer to: Deleting data permanently from a DOORS Next Generation project If you do decide to delete the offending project data, then ensure to note the full description of the command in the documentation: Repository tools command for permanently deleting resources.

Rather unhelpfully, there is a cosmetic APAR associated with this delete command to further confuse you. APAR PH08726. Defect 471238: upgrade - upgrading from 501ifix11 to 6061N: CRJAZ1090I The method "updateCounter" on service "com.ibm.team.repository.service.internal.counters.CounterService"

[ERROR] 2019-01-28 10:50:52.001 - CRJAZ1090I The method "incrementCounter" on service "com.ibm.team.repository.service.internal.counters.CounterService" can not be executed when it is in the "DEACTIVATED" state.

Ensure you are running against an application server that has been shut down and check the log file generated from your deleteJFSresources to see if the content of the project actually was deleted.

new16.png CRLQE0697E An error occurred perform an upgrade encountered upgrading Lifecycle Query Engine

We have seen this occur with other products during non-upgrade use cases, albeit rarely.
This error is occurring when the migration is attempting to populate a new Lucene index with the data from the TDB index. The migration takes every graph in the TDB index and puts every triple from that graph into the Lucene index. It is failing on the part that iterates over every triple in a graph. So at least one graph in their TDB is corrupt at the time migration is executing.

2019-12-25 07:54:59,593 [lqe.UpgradeTask] [ERROR] m.ibm.team.jis.lqe.maintenance.upgrade.UpgradeTask - CRLQE0697E An error occurred perform an upgrade.

com.ibm.team.jis.lqe.maintenance.upgrade.UpgradeException: CRLQE0657E Unable to upgrade Lucene index.
   at com.ibm.team.jis.lqe.maintenance.upgrade.handler.Lucene7ReindexHandler.doUpgrade(Lucene7ReindexHandler.java:114)
Caused by: com.hp.hpl.jena.tdb.base.StorageException: RecordRangeIterator: records not strictly increasing: 0000000000057e5a0000000000057ee100000000000034bc0000000000000f3c // 000000000004766e00000000000476f50000000000000b5d0100000000000002

The LQE GUI will display:

Lifecycle Query Engine has detected that migration is required from M1 to
Lifecycle Query Engine encountered problems during migration. Review LQE and server logs files, correct the errors and migrate again.
CRLQE0657E Unable to upgrade Lucene index. RecordRangeInterator: records not strictly increasing

You can find more details and resolutions steps in a IBM technote 1074116: Upgrade operation fails with CRLQE0697E error

new16.png Exception in com.ibm.rdm.fronting.server.rrs.vvcproxy.internal.VvcProxyActivator.start() of bundle when executing repotools- -addTables

The error below indicates that an Ifix has been applied to the installation, but has not been fully provisioned. The IFix readme includes the command: repotools- -clean which needs to be run after applying the patch. If you exeperience the following error when running repotools-rm -addTables then run the clean command and try again.

2019-09-09 12:26:12,540 CRJAZ1363I Loading the configuration from "file:conf/rm/teamserver.properties".
2019-09-09 12:26:14,392 Exception in com.ibm.rdm.fronting.server.rrs.vvcproxy.internal.VvcProxyActivator.start() of bundle com.ibm.rdm.fronting.server.rrs.vvcproxy.
org.osgi.framework.BundleException: Exception in com.ibm.rdm.fronting.server.rrs.vvcproxy.internal.VvcProxyActivator.start() of bundle com.ibm.rdm.fronting.server.rrs.vvcproxy.

It is important to note the following when you re-attempt the addTables command: 2019-09-09 13:56:57,093 Starting RM Server Migration. Current repository version set at [6.0.6].

If this value is not the previous version you are migrating from, then you will need to rollback the application being upgraded.

Rational DOORS Next Generation or Design Management upgrade to 6.0.4

If you are upgrading a version 6 release of Rational DOORS Next Generation or Design Management to version 6.0.4, the Interactive Upgrade Guide instructs you to query for whether artifacts have more than one current version, and, if so, to run the -repairMultipleVersionsMarkedAsCurrent repository tools command before the upgrade. This command addresses a known issue where concurrent changes to an artifact can cause version issues in configurations. The -repairMultipleVersionsMarkedAsCurrent repository tools command is available in the latest interim fix of each version 6 release. You must apply the latest interim fix before you can use the command. If you run the query and it detects more than one current version of an artifact, but the -repairMultipleVersionsMarkedAsCurrent repository tools command is not available, do not upgrade to version 6.0.4. Contact support.

Rational Quality Manager 5.x to 6.x upgrade

Attempts to upgrade to Rational Quality Manager 6.0 using online migration will not be possible. Support for 6.0.1 is being tracked with QM Support online migration for RQM 5.x to 6.x

Note that the upgrade guide is incorrect as well. See Workitem 361962

Reporting Upgrade 5.x to 6.0

  • In version 6.0, RRDI is no longer bundled with the CLM solution. Instead there is a Cognos BI Adapter package that is made available in the Optional Downloads page. This adapter needs to be installed along with a Cognos BI Server in order for RRDI reports to be used with CLM v6.0.

Rational DOORS Next Generation 4.x to 5.x upgrade

Attempts to upgrade from a 4.0.x release of IBM Rational Requirements Composer (RRC) or Rational DOORS Next Generation (RDNG) to 5.0 or higher results in all project areas being deleted.

If you use the Interactive Upgrade Guide to get your the instructions for your situation and you are running in an Enterprise Topology and are using WebSphere Application Server instead of Tomcat, the instructions for upgrading the Requirements Management application are not correct. Specifically, the step Run the -migration_rm_updateConfigurationFiles repotools command to merge the existing configuration files is missing the updateTomcatFiles=no parameter.

This is the incorrect command as it appears in the Interactive Upgrade Guide (the paths may be different depending on your situation):

./repotools-rm.sh -migration_rm_updateConfigurationFiles oldApplicationHome=/opt/IBM/JazzTeamServer/server/conf ignoreJTSVersionCheck

The correct command is as follows:

./repotools-rm.sh -migration_rm_updateConfigurationFiles oldApplicationHome=/opt/IBM/JazzTeamServer/server/conf ignoreJTSVersionCheck updateTomcatFiles=no

Rational Team Concert 4.0.x to 5.0.x upgrade

Upgrading to Rational Team Concert 5.0.x using online migration should only be attempted if the latest iFix for 5.0.x is used. Otherwise, there is a corruption problem with workspaces and streams as indicated by this bulletin: Using online Migration to migrate CCM server from 4.x to 5.x can result in corruption of streams and workspaces.

Rational Quality Manager 4.0.6

New feature of RQM 4.0.6 is the ability to upgrade artifacts while the server is still online. Read the following topic for more information. Online Migration

Rational Requirements Composer 4.0.3

As of this release, it is no longer necessary to have a 4.0 RM Analyst license installed to complete RM Online migration.  The issue was fixed by Jazz Foundation via License asserts should be suppressed during migration (249151)

The issue was initially submitted via Eliminate the need to have any license assigned in order to complete RM Online migration (65651)


The IBM Support portal is a good place to look for any troubleshooting technotes regarding upgrade. Some notable ones are mentioned here but there are more if you search the Support portal for upgrade related technotes.

Email notifications after upgrading to 6.0.3

Email Notification may fail after upgrading to CLM 6.0.3

AddTable fails due to performance optimizations in DOORS Next Generation

Performance tuning recommendations modify the schema in a way the upgrade is not expecting

Performance issues after upgrading to DOORS Next Generation

Performance issues and CRRRW7556E after upgrading IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation (DNG) repository

Functional CALs disappear when upgrading from 3.0.1.x or 4.0 to 4.0.1 or later


CLM 4.0.x and WebSphere - Disappearing dashboard BIRT report widgets

If you are planning to upgrade to version 4.0.x of the Rational solution for CLM or have version 4.0.x of the Rational solution for CLM installed and are upgrading to WebSphere Application Server, be aware of the problem discussed in work item BIRT reports and dashboard widgets are not working correctly with WAS (242945) You will need to request a WebSphere Application Server fix (WSAS APAR PM79419 ) from IBM Software Support.  You can also choose to use WebSphere or earlier, but be careful to NOT apply all the JIT patches or else the problem will resurface.  Note:  The workaround provided in this technote has been shown to be problematic and does not persist upon reboot.  http://www.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21616615

Upgrade order: RRDI 2.0.x and CLM 4.0.x

CLM should be upgraded first followed by RRDI.

Rational Insight 1.1.1 with the Rational solution for CLM 3.0.1.x

This is supported only if Jazz Team Server is at 4.0.0.x.  This means that the CCM, QM, and RM applications (distributed topology only) can be at 3.0.1.x and work with Rational Insight 1.1.1, but you have to also use the 'new with 1.1.1' data manager ETLs for 3.0.1.  The data manager ETLs that ship with Insight come in various flavors: ones that are for use with the Rational solution for CLM 3.0.1 and ones that are for use with the Rational solution for CLM 4.0.

Rational Insight with the Rational solution for CLM 4.0

This is supported only if Jazz Team Server is at 4.0.1  This means that the CCM, QM, and RM applications (distributed topology only) can be at 4.0.0.x and work with Rational Insight, but you have to also use the 'new with' data manager ETLs for 4.0.  The data manager ETLs that ship with Rational Insight come in various flavors: ones that are for use with the Rational solution for CLM 4.0 and ones that are for use with the Rational solution for CLM 4.0.1.

Rational solution for CLM installations that use Oracle

Use or later at a minimum or use 4.0.1 because 4.0 contained defects that affect upgrade. The two critical fixes that have to be present BEFORE doing the upgrade to 4.0 are documented.  The first fix is part of version and should be the upgrade target release used rather than using the 4.0 GA release.

In the case of the "repotools -upgradeWarehouse" error, the fix does not work on an already attempted upgrade to the 4.0 GA release.  Rather, the customer was instructed to restore their data warehouse from backup before running the upgrade with the test fix applied.  This amounts to a data corruption of the data warehouse when you attempt and fail the upgrade using 4.0 GA code. For details, see Escalation 231794.

Errors upgrading the data warehouse

The upgrade script is not able to update the RICALM schema. Until this schema is updated, no DataManager ETLs can be executed. This issue only happens when a data warehouse is created by Rational Insight and later upgraded by the Rational solution for CLM. If the original data warehouse was created by the Rational solution for CLM, future upgrades work. A code fix is needed for this issue.

Jazz Team Server 4.0.1

In distributed topologies with various CLM applications deployed, you may attempt to upgrade Jazz Team Server to 4.0.1.  If you do plan to do this, be aware of the following:  If you use a version of Rational Requirements Composer that is earlier than 4.0.1,, or and you upgrade Jazz Team Server to 4.0.1, the Requirements ETL job will fail to complete. For more details, see RM ETL fails after upgrade of JTS to 4.0.1 (68057) comment 54.

Rational Requirements Composer 4.0.1

If you are upgrading to 4.0.1 from 3.0.1.x, see RRC online migration fails with licensing errors for rm_user (68474) below under Work items of interest

If you are upgrading to 4.0.1 from 2.x, see Can't create PDF/Word on RRC 4.0.1 for migrated artifacts from RRC>RRC3.0.1.5->RRC4.0.1 (68894) below under Work items of interest

Rational Requirements Composer 4.0

IMPORTANT UPDATE - ALERT: Critical stability update for Rational Requirements Composer 4.0 - this issue is significantly less pervasive than originally thought and can occur only under a more limited set of conditions.

Before you upgrade to Rational Requirements Composer 4.0, specifically for customers still at version 2.x, be aware of the issues in this work item: Technote required RRC3 fixes for RRC4 upgrade (60482). You must contact IBM Software Support for these repair tools that have been provided by development to address issues in Rational Requirements Composer 2.x based datasets after to upgrade to 3.0.1.x. If not already upgraded, use or higher when upgrading from version 2.x. Prior to upgrading to version 4.0, make sure to validate your Rational Requirements Composer data and check the upgrade error logs for any issues. The Rational Requirements Composer development team has wiki pages that provide more information on how to proceed when encountering errors during the upgrade process. RRC3Upgrade Wiki

Default WebSphere profile port may change when using the WebSphereMigration Wizard

WebSphereprovides a tool to easily migrate WebSphereApplication Server (WAS) profiles from one version to another (for instance from to This tool can create a new application server profile on the destination version and while doing that it will attempt to assign the same default ports (9080 for insecure HTTP and 9443 for secure HTTPS), however if it detects a port conflict (for instance because another profile on the destination version is already using these ports) it will resolve this conflict by increasing all port numbers by 1 until a free port is found. For instance, if ports 9080 and 9443 are found to be in use, the migrated profile will be configured to use ports 9081 and 9444 (assuming these ports are free, otherwise the port numbers will be even higher).

Since the public URI must not change (outside of a Server Rename scenario), the port numbers need to be adjusted after the profile migration is complete. (Note: If there is a genuine port conflict the other application using the port(s) needs to be re-configured such that it doesn't occupy these ports before.) To adjust the ports, change the WC_defaulthost_secure and WC_defaulthost ports in the WebSphereIntegrated Solutions Console. You will also need to change the ports that are associated to the default_host virtual host accordingly.


  • Upgrade Rational Quality Manager first to avoid the incompatibility between a 4.0 Jazz Team Server and Rational Quality Manager or earlier.  Only Rational Quality Manager or later is compatible with the 4.0 DW schema.
  • Rational Requirements Composer or earlier is not compatible with Jazz Team Server 4.0.  Snapshots broken:  Snapshot does not have any contents when only JTS is upgraded from to 4.0 (54708). Use or later in a mixed version topology.
  • Upgrade wrapper scripts improved -

    • If the index location from 3.0.1 has relative paths, it will copy indices to the 4.0 directory. (Tomcat only)
    • If index location from 4.0 is absolute, copy takes place if the 3.0.x index location differs from the 4.0 index location. The index location can remain the same in the 4.0 teamserver.properties file if it is a stable directory.
  • 'Run all data warehouse jobs' from JTS/admin page should be run after every upgrade phase is completed. The ETLs play a role in data validation.
Upgrade Scripts - Usage guidance

If CCM or QM + distributed + can mount Upgrade with upgrade scripts.
If CCM or QM + distributed + cannot mount Upgrade by using repotools (migration, addtables, etc.) commands.
If RM + distributed + can mount Upgrade with upgrade scripts.
If RM + distributed + cannot mount Upgrade by following the unique instructions documented in the 4.0.x interactive guide. (Select RM, distribute, no mount).
All other scenarios Upgrade with upgrade scripts.

Work items of interest

Rational Build Forge integration

N-1 Compatibility issue discovered, Change to IBuildForgeServicesLayerService.getProjects method signature breaks N-1 compatibility (217378)

Workaround:  The above issue affects the Rational Team Concert client, not JBE. There was a breaking API change that Rational Team Concert is unable to fix, which affects the Get Projects button in a Rational Build Forge build definition editor when a 3.0.1.x client is trying to connect to a 4.0 server.  The workaround is to use a 4.0 client to edit the build definition. After the build definition is set up, this does not affect other uses from a 3.0.1.x client; for example, users can request builds, view build results, etc.

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