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When selecting Post Build activities in the Build definition, after the build is complete no Post Build activities are triggered.

Authors: IntegrationsTroubleshootingTeam
Build basis: Rational Team Concert 4.x and later

Subsequent analysis steps.

  • You need to invoke the Jazz ant participant com.ibm.team.build.autoDeliver in build.xml in a target after all the necessary build targets are completed.
  • The Jazz Build Engine participant step should be invoked from the Ant script using an EXEC block, so it will be able to access the variables necessary for the build.

Example command :

<target name="Deliver">
     <exec executable="cmd">
       <arg value="/c"/>
       <arg value="C:\PathToBuildToolKit\jazz\buildsystem\buildengine\eclipse\jbe.exe -userId ${Build_User} -pass ${Build_pass} -repository https://<host>:9443/ccm -buildResultUUID ${buildResultID} -engineId ${engineId} -participants com.ibm.team.build.autoDeliver -noComplete -verbose"/>

Use case Example: if you are using the sample provided in Integrating with Jazz SCM and Builds from Hudson and Jenkins you need to modify build.xml to invoke the participant autoDeliver

   <target name="runBuild" depends="compile, test">
       <exec executable="cmd">
        <arg value="/c"/>
       <arg value="C:\JazzBuild\jazz\buildsystem\buildengine\eclipse\jbe.exe -userId ${userId} -pass ${password} -repository -buildResultUUID ${buildResultID} -engineId jenkins.local1 -participants com.ibm.team.build.autoDeliver -noComplete -verbose"/>

Note: This participant does not get invoked when you define the Post Build activities in the Build definition. This needs to be invoked in a target for Post Build to work in RTC.

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Additional contributors: ZeeshanChoudhry

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