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Listing project area membership in Rational Team Concert and Rational Quality Manager

Author: Carl Girouard - (cgiroua@us.ibm.com)
Build basis: Rational Team Concert and Rational Quality Manager, 4.0.x


The Collaborative Lifecycle Management server provides a rich set of capabilities to report the details of its configuration and the usage by various components. Based on our experience, we realized reporting of some custom usage patterns are not available in the product. An example of such a feature is to list a set of users that have membership to a particular project area in Rational Team Concert and Rational Quality Manager in an easily consumable format.

In the project area administration page, the Rational Team Concert or Rational Quality Manager server lists the project area members. There could be additional team members that can have access to the project area, without being listed in the project area administration page. For example, if a member is directly added into a team area in a particular project area, he or she is not listed at the project level, but may have access to all the project area artifacts.

In this article, we will use the REST API and XML framework supported by the Rational Team Concert and Rational Quality Manager server to extract the list of users that belong to each project area, including the project team areas.

There are many benefits for such a report. The following describes few important use cases:

  1. If you want to limit access to a particular project area to its hierarchy. You need to know which users belong to the project area. Since there is no single place in Rational Team Concert that can show this list, this tool can be useful to verify the read compartmentalization of a Rational Team Concert or Rational Quality Manager project area.
  2. If you are changing some key features to a project area process specification or similar structural changes to a project area, this tool can be used to list the only users that will be impacted. This will eliminate an email to all the users on the CLM Jazz Team Server server, since it is now possible to target only those users who will be impacted by the action.

Script functionality

The script itself has two main branches, the first one being able to pull all the active project areas and second one is to list all the users that belong to a particular project area. First we will login to the Rational Team Concert or Rational Quality Manager Server, list the project areas. Subsequently, we iteratively traverse through each of the project area hierarchy to report the users. Usage of this script requires membership to the jazzAdmin group on the service you wish to execute it against.

The script, clmProjectUsersPull.pl, (see attachment) which is written in PERL, requires the following modules:


It is possible to install these Perl modules in several ways and the installation method varies based on operating system. The CPAN modules installation page can help get you started: http://www.cpan.org/modules/INSTALL.html

REST API calls

There are several REST API calls that the script invokes in order to gather the required data. They are listed here along with a short description of why each is called.

You can step through these calls manually in a web-browser using an appropriate 'UUID' obtained from the content in the call previous to it. This will allow for a better understanding of how the data is structured and open the door to leverage this script in order to pull other data.

Note: The REST call is highlighted in bold.

The first REST call is made to verify credentials being used to pull the data.


The next call is made to pull the project areas on the service.


The call is made for each project area (uuid) to pull hierarchy of the projects team areas.


This call is made to pull the admins/members of each main project area (processAreaItemId).


This call is made to pull the admins/members of each team area (processAreaItemId).


Script innvocation

This script can be invoked as follows:

clmProjectUsersPull.pl <https://url.of.server:port/appContextRoot> <jazzAdminUser> <jazzAdminPass> [admins|users|both]

Example 1:

clmProjectUsersPull.pl https://clm.ibm.com:9443/ccm adminUser 'adminPass'

Output 1:






Example 2:

clmProjectUsersPull.pl https://clm.ibm.com:9443/ccm adminUser 'adminPass' both

Output 2:










Advanced editing

With the Rational organization, we have had great success using this tool to report the users by project area. We could also generate a list of the unique users on any particular Rational Team Concert or Rational Quality Manager application. As noted above, this list will be a subset of all users reported at the Jazz Team Server level. We have used the list of users extracted by the tool notify relevant constituents during Rational Team Concert and Rational Quality Manager server upgrades, and any sporadic outages to servers.

Sometimes, the report you want may not be exactly what the script provides. In those cases, the script can be easily modified to suite your needs. This requires a basic knowledge of Perl, and the exact XML value type to be gathered. This is changed in the 'getProjectTeamUsers' subroutine. For instance, a common change might be changing 'userId' to 'emailAddress'. See the 'REST API Calls' section for the process on how to obtain the specific XML values that can be used.

Subsequently, the data printed out can be modified to suit your needs. This is done in the 'printUserData' subroutine by changing the values in each print statement.

Alternatively, you can export the output of the tool into any spreadsheet program to modify the report.


In summary, you can use the above tool as is, easily modify or export the data to a spreadsheet program as it fits your needs. In addition, you can extend the framework used in the tool to create an entirely different report all by yourself.

About the author

Carl Girouard is part of the Rational Enginering Services Jazz Operations team which is responsible for two site environments operating several CLM deployments in various configurations and have an IBM base of over 7000 active users. He works for Rational Engineering Services in providing CLM and Infrastructure services to the entire Rational Brand. Carl's background is mostly in operations providing UNIX, automation, and database services.

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