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new.png Investigating data manager for ETLs

Authors: GeraldMitchell
Build basis: CLM
This situation is to help discover the possibilities in correcting ETLs (Extract-Transform-Load) in the situation where the ETLs seem to be taking what is considered a longer time than expected to run and the process is controlled by the Data Manager in Insight.

Recommended analysis steps

Reporting tool specific logs

  • Data Manager logs in the reporting tool
    • The default location of the Data Manager logs are at /cognos/datamanager/log
    • Check the log named Build_job_type.log, to see whether there are failure or how many records have been delivered.
  • Data log load: /cognos/datamanager/data
  • Review the XML Data Configuration (.xdc). Make sure that the correct/current version catalog is used.
  • The mustgather information for Rational Insight is available from Technote 1409882. This information may also be valuable if you are trying to analyze the ETLs and are using Insight.
    • Rational Insight ETL logs for mustgather:
      • The default location of the Rational Insight JDBC logs and Rational Insight Data Manager logs are at
        C:/Documents and Settings/<user>/logs
      • You can change the default location by modifying the register of the jdbclogpath parameter in the
      • Rational Insight Data Manager logs are located at
      • Rational Insight Data Manager logs for rejected data are located in

Possible Causes and Solutions

After reviewing the above information on assessment and analysis, you may or maynot have found an error which correlates to the long running ETL. If so, navigate to the following pages: Yes, I found an error which could be causing the Long Running ETL OR No, I have not found any error causing the Long Running ETL

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