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General Troubleshooting Rational Adapter for HP ALM

Authors: IntegrationsTroubleshootingTeam
Build basis: Rational Adapter for HP ALM Standard Edition v1.1, Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management version 4.0, 4.0.1, 4.0.2, 4.0.3

This page provides general troubleshooting information for Rational Adapter for HP ALM Standard Edition v1.1.

Project list is empty for some users

When logging into HP Adapter as an Administrator and clicking on Projects to open the Projects page, no project is listed.
  • This issue was identified as a defect and is fixed in build 1.1.0-HPQM11-I20130507_1738
  • The problem seems to occur only with some user IDs
  • Use the following REST call to confirm that no projects are returned from HP:
    • <hp-server>/qcbin/rest/domains/DEFAULT/projects?login-form-required=y
  • The following REST API is available in v.11.5 and can be used as a work-around to get the project list:
    • <hp-server>/qcbin/rest/domains/?login-form-required=y&include-projects-info=y

Non-default browser is being used

When launching HP ALM, it sometimes launches Chrome even though Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) is set as a default browser
  • This seems to be a general issue with HP ALM and not specific to the adapter.
  • A work-around is to run this Microsoft Fixit at: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/310049 after setting IE as a default browser.

Clicking toolbar icons do not launch the adapter

  • Check for hidden windows new browser may open behind the current one
  • Verify the Action Name defined for the toolbar button exactly matches the function name (such as: Resource_Landing_Page_TP)

Missing Parameter GB_BASE_URL

  • Verify the Adapter URL is defined as a Site Admin Parameter or the project GB_AdapterURL() function.

Adapter page loads with errors

  • Check the URL call using the last entry in the C:\GB_EventLog.txt file. This log saves the URLs called for any adapter toolbar action in ALM.
  • Cut and Paste the URL into a browser to verify that the adapter is configured correctly.

Missing Toolbar Icons

  • Adapter icons only exist for Requirements, Test Plan, Test Set and Defects. These icons do not show up in the other modules.
  • Verify that the toolbar modifications were completed correctly: Tools > customize > workflow script > toolbars.

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