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Full selection list of Link Types are not displayed when linking RRC to RTC Artifacts

Authors: TamishaThompson
Build basis: Rational Requirements Composer 4.x, Rational Team Concert 4.x

This topic provides information to help troubleshoot the issue seen where the expected list of link options are not available when linking artifacts from Rational Requirements Composer (RRC) to Rational Team Concert (RTC).


In RRC, when attempting to create a link to an artifact in RTC, you do not see the full list of available link types to select from. For example, "Tracked by" is not available.

Possible Causes

One possible cause may be that the RRC project is not associated with an RTC project.

Troubleshooting Steps

Verify the association exists between the RRC project and the RTC project:

To verify:

  1. In your browser, open the RRC project (for example: https://:/rm/web)
  2. In the upper right corner, select the drop down for Administration > Manage This Project Area
  3. Look in the section labelled Associations and confirm that an RTC project area is listed
  4. Repeat these same steps when viewing the project area of the RTC project (from ccm/admin), confirming that an RRC project area is listed for the Association.

If the association does not exist between the RRC project and RTC project, the association must be created.

  1. Review the documentation on Creating a lifecycle project that includes only existing project areas
  2. Then create the Associations

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