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Authors: Richard Watts, Vishwanath Ramaswamy, Vaughn Rokosz
Build basis: CLM 6.0.5


Rational Team Concert publishes managed beans that provide metrics of certain aspects of the system (build queue, client usage, large files). These beans can be used to monitor performance of the system and provide guidance for troubleshooting performance issues. In addition, we have an attribute that is RTC Specific in the ProjectMetricsCollectorTask (also usage metrics related). While Rational Team Concert is the first application to adopt clustering, the clustering mbeans are part of the common foundation mbean collection (available to all tools that adopt foundation clustering).

The managed beans are not enabled by default out of the box. You need to consider your monitoring strategy and only turn on those managed beans you will actually consume. These managed beans are enabled through the advanced properties admin UI. To turn them on, you would locate the background task in the table below and enable it by setting the enable property to true. It is recommended that you take the default values because these have been carefully considered and tuned for optimal efficiency.

Table 1 - Categories

Category Description Background Tasks
Serviceability Additional resource consumption metrics were introduced under a new category called Serviceability. BuildQueueMetricsCollectorTask
Usage Metrics The Usage Metrics category collects common, project and license metrics from the system. ProjectMetricsCollectorTask

Background tasks are the mechanism we use to populate the managed beans. These are enabled in Advanced properties. Changing the interval of a background task will only go into effect after the next interval or when the application is restarted. Background tasks group beans based on the frequency of data collection, so background tasks can appear in more than one category.

Table 2 - Background Tasks

Background Task Description Managed Beans
VersionedContentMetricsTask   SCM Versioned Content Component Metrics
SCM Versioned Content Repository Metrics
SCM Versioned Content Top File Sizes Metrics
ProjectMetricsCollectorTask   Project Area Information
LicenseMetricsCollectorTask   Compatible Client Login Details Number of logins
BuildQueueMetricsCollectorTask   Build Queue Information

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