Getting started roadmap for Rational Quality Manager

A roadmap for an introduction to Rational Quality Manager

Maintaining software quality means ensuring that your software product works as planned. To achieve quality goals, a complex product might need hundreds of test cases and scores of testers. To track progress against a schedule and to identify problems, project managers need a quick view of everything that’s happening. Managing quality requires a sophisticated tool.

IBM Rational Quality Manager, also known as the Quality Management (QM) application, can help you manage software quality, improve operational efficiency, and increase test accuracy in a continuous delivery environment.

Note: The following resources were created for a specific release, but also apply to later releases.

Product overview

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Videos: IBM Rational Quality Manager Overview and Lifecycle quality management enabled by Rational Quality Manager

Help topic: Overview of Rational Quality Manager overview: Rational Quality Manager

Feature overview

Getting started

Next steps

Learning Circle: Advanced usage

RQM trial and demo

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