Getting started with managing lab resources

Lab managers install or coordinate the installation of software onto test lab resources, set up and maintain lab resources for the entire lab, and manage requests for lab resources. With the lab management tool, you can define and track your lab resources and manage lab-resource reservations and requests.

Lab resource management overview

Before you use the lab management tool to set up lab resources and manage resource reservations, read the following topics. The topics provide information about tool capabilities, lab management roles and users, and integrations with other tools. You can also learn how to use channels to simplify tests that involve various configurations and devices.

Lab management overview
Channels overview

Lab resource management process

The following interactive diagram shows the major steps in the process to manage lab resources. To learn about getting started as a lab manager, click the boxes in the diagram.

A conceptual diagram
showing the work flow for lab managers. Creating and viewing lab resources Creating and managing channels Working with lab resource reservations and requests

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