Getting started with administering project and team areas

Administrators configure and manage project and team areas. Administration tasks include creating project areas and team areas, creating timelines and iterations, adding users to a project area, and adding and modifying roles and permissions.

Administration overview

Before you do any administration tasks, read the following topics. The topics provide information about project areas and user setup, licensing, and the relationship between project and server administration.

Project areas
Configuring quality management project areas
Understanding licenses, permissions, and access control

Process to administer project and team areas

The following interactive diagram shows the major steps in the process to manage project areas and team areas on a test team. To learn about getting started as an administrator, click the boxes in the diagram.

A conceptual
diagram showing the workflow for project administrators. Creating a project area Setting up a new project area with existing project settings Add users to the project area Enabling team areas and support for multiple timelines Setting up timelines, iterations, and team areas Organizing artifacts by using categories Defining custom attributes on the Project Properties page

If you plan on using configuration management in your quality management project, see Getting started with configuration management.

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