Getting started with Rational Quality Manager

The tasks that you can do in a quality management project depend on your goals and your role on your team.

The following interactive diagram groups common getting started tasks by their area of effort. For example, if you want to learn about a test effort, you can click Develop test plans and test cases to open the "Getting started with managing the test effort" topic.

conceptual graphic showing boxes with different getting started tasks
in each one. Installing the Quality Management application Migrating test artifacts to Rational Quality Manager Integrating Getting started with administering project and team areas Getting started with managing the test effort Getting started with testing systems and software Getting started with managing lab resources Tracking the test effort Reports for the Quality Management (QM) application

Roles in quality management projects

In IBM® Rational Quality Manager, you typically have a role. As with any set of roles, one person might have multiple roles.

Role Description Typical goals Related help topics
Tester Act as a member of the test team
  • Developing test cases
  • Creating manual test scripts
  • Running tests
  • Submitting defects
  • Analyzing test execution results
  • Tracking the test effort
Getting started with testing systems and software
Test lead or manager Leads or manages the test team and plans the test effort
  • Identifying requirements
  • Associating requirement projects
  • Preparing for the test effort
  • Developing test plans
  • Assigning test cases
  • Preparing for test execution
  • Tracking the test effort
  • Running reports
Getting started with managing the test effort
Lab manager Manages lab resources in test labs. The lab can include physical machines, virtual machines, and virtual images.
  • Installing, configuring, and maintaining software applications for the entire lab
  • Deploying builds to test environments
  • Allocating lab resources across the products under test
  • Managing resource allocation requests
Getting started with managing lab resources
Administrator Administers applications or projects
  • Managing project areas and team areas for a test team
  • Administering integrations with other software
  • Assigning user permissions and roles
Getting started with administering project and team areas

Enabling Configuration Management in quality management projects (optional)

These are some common getting started tasks, if you plan on using configuration management in your quality management project.

Role Goal Typical tasks Related help topics
Test lead or manager and Tester Implement configuration management
  • Create streams and change sets in addition to baselines.
  • Deliver changes between streams
  • Deliver change sets to streams.
  • Compare configurations.
  • Work in global configurations.

Getting started with configuration management

Getting started with global configuration management

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