Getting started with testing systems and software

Testers develop test cases, write test scripts, and test the systems and software under development. The testing process includes defining platform coverage and the test execution environment; analyzing test results; and using integrated change management software to submit defects.

Test artifact and execution overviews

If you are new to IBM® Rational® Quality Manager, before you develop test artifacts and run tests, read these topics:

Test case and test suite overview
Test execution overview

Testing process

The following interactive diagram shows the major steps in the process to develop test artifacts, run tests, and submit defects. To learn about getting started as a tester, click the boxes in the diagram.

A conceptual
process flow diagram showing the work flow for testers. Developing manual test scripts Assigning reviewers and approvers Running tests Submitting and tracking defects Tracking the test effort

If you plan on using configuration management in your quality management project, see Getting started with configuration management.

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