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How do I return the number of RTC Work Item children with an attribute value to Focal Point?

Sue Fitzwater (122) | asked Jan 22 '13, 6:04 p.m.

I have an integration between Focal Point and Rational Team Concert (RTC).  I can successfully create an Integration link, but I need an attribute to return the number of RTC Work Item children matching a given attribute (Flags attribute is set to Blocked).


I am open to suggestions, but thought it would be easier to run a Focal Point XPathValueFetcher to the RTC linked form to search its children.


I referenced the XPathValueFetcher business rule on IBM site  and other notes to create the following expression


=XPathValueFetcher('RTC Integration Link Attribute',"/*%7D","//rtc_cm:flags/dc:children[text()]","Flags","run_at=1")


It returns the linked RTC work item and its summary, but not the number of children with the Flag attribute. 


The Focal Point attribute is type:  text

Any thoughts?  Should I do some kind of summary in RTC and set it to an RTC attribute first?  (If so, I need help on that approach as well.)

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