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We are looking for more help in using RTC and RDp integrated in one shell, specifically looking for help in SCM aspects.

Hari Prasad (3133) | asked Mar 12 '13, 5:55 a.m.
retagged Mar 15 '13, 3:41 p.m. by Hadar Hawk (1882214)
 As we do not have RTC client on AIX Platform, We are exploring integration of RTC and RDp (Rational Developer for Power Systems). we gone through RTC info center and Developer work articles on this topic, but none of them are clearly mentioned how to integrate these two, and what they exactly mean by RTC and RDp Integration, With integration we are looking more in terms SCM aspects.

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Aishwarya Hariharan (41) | answered Mar 13 '13, 6:25 p.m.
In order to use some of the RDp features while using the RTC client, the RDp client will need to be shell shared with the RTC client. This can be done by installing RDp in the same package group as RTC.Make sure to select C and C++ Development Tools for AIX option or COBOL development Tools for AIX option ,depending on the requirement.

Installng RDp with RTC

Once that is done , the  C/C++ perspective or  AIX COBOL perspective can be used to work on AIX projects which can be delivered to the RTC stream.

Here are a few links with additional details on using AIX projects in RDp
Developing applications for Power Systems
Developing COBOL applications for AIX
Developing C and C++ applications for AIX and Linux

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