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Hiding all WI of a particular type from a plan

Bhawana Gupta (1031012) | asked Jan 21 '13, 10:42 a.m.

I am looking for a way of hiding all WI's of a particular type from a particular plan view.

for e.g. I want to hide all WI of the type Business Need from a plan view ' project plan'.

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Dinesh Kumar B (4.1k413) | answered Jan 22 '13, 3:20 a.m.
Open plan in Web UI > Edit Plan > Edit the View > Add a Filter of type Expression > then use type:"Business Need" as value for the Expression filter.

However if you have other items under Business Need which are not filtered, the Business Need will still show up.

Hope it helps.
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Bhawana Gupta commented Jan 22 '13, 5:33 a.m.

Thankyou Dinesh

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Pradeep Balachandran (663) | answered Jan 21 '13, 12:57 p.m.
I thought there is a filter in the Plan View that lets you show only, say, Execution Items.

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sam detweiler (12.5k6195201) | answered Jan 21 '13, 4:12 p.m.
as mentioned, there are really only two states..

Plan item, or NOT plan item (these are also called Execution Items)..

you can configure which items are which in the project thru the, Process config, Project Configuration, Configuration data,  Planning section, Workitem Type configuration.
You cannot sub select/filter  the types beyond that. you can filter based on data contents but not type.

this is one of the reasons there are different template for development and one for project mgmt.
there isn't a good one for requirements..  typically these are held in Requirements Composer or Focal Point, until the subset is selected by the Product owner to be included in a development cycle set.

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