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2.x RTC Planning features in 4.x

Sterling Ferguson-II (1.6k9282269) | asked Sep 13 '12, 10:05 a.m.
retagged Sep 21 '12, 6:05 p.m. by Richard Knaster (23817)
Hello, and good morning.

In 2.x of RTC SCRUM Planning, there was a feature where you would assign John Doe work items to a point where the plan would start appearing red with a percentage/probability of it not being finished. I think it was called Scheduled Risk...(something)?

Is this still available in 4.x? How do I reproduce this feature? Is this now available for the other process templates like Formal and OpenUp? 

Thanks for any assistance...

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Richard Knaster (23817) | answered Sep 21 '12, 6:03 p.m.
edited Sep 21 '12, 6:03 p.m.
Hi Sterling:

Yes this feature is still available.  Please the the following article on  Scroll down to the Validiate a Plan section of the article.

To assess individual work items, add the Completion Probability, Maximal Estimate and Minimal Estimate columns to plan views and optionally to your execution work items (e.g. tasks).  Once the Completion Probability field is added to your view this will run a simulation and color work items according to the calculated probability of completion: a color gradient from white to red indicates very probable to won't happen.

You need to enter Maximal Estimates and Minimal Estimates in addition to the Effective Estimate field in order for RTC to run its simulation (monte carlo)

The following aspects are considered when the completion probability is computed: Effective Estimate, Minimal Estimate, Maximum Estimate, and Schedule Sequence (after what items is this item planned). For stories with children, the worst child-probability is taken.

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