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RRDI throws "Unknow Server" error whlie collaborating with JTS Server

PRASANTA CHAUDHURI (11031925) | asked Nov 19 '12, 2:05 p.m.
edited Nov 19 '12, 2:10 p.m.
I am configuring RRDI for a customer who has RTC with RRDI While logging to RRDI Server I get  " Will you allow server "<Unknown Server>" to collaborate with Server https://<hostname>:port/jts using user ID < Showing user Id just entered for login >.

I have checked that RRDI Installation is perfect as in the same Host another RTC Instance is Running on different TOMCAT port and RRDI is perfectly working AND I can bring out Reports from RRDI

RRDI database ( RICM & RIDW ) are in DB2 .
The etl log shows that RIDW is populated without authentication error after running the dataware house jobs
If I go to the tables of RIDW , I see the data in Tables ( e,g D_PROJECT etc )
BUT from RRDI I can't run any report as it gives " Unknown Server " .
Sometimes it goes directly to RRDI , then from the ODS tables if I run any query it says "No Data Available"

I strongly feel that there is problem in the other RTC instance -- NOT able to find out where is the problem .
It will great if someone helps me



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Karen Gosciminski (12164) | answered Nov 19 '12, 4:03 p.m.
Hi Prasanta,

Have you checked to see if the report server is registered with the Jazz Team Server and the applications?

See the "Setting up collaboration with the Jazz Team Server" help topic for details:

I hope this helps.

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