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RQM Widget assistance

Sterling Ferguson-II (1.6k8278269) | asked Oct 12 '12, 4:10 p.m.
As a tester, I either want to find all of the TCs or TCERs that are assigned to me that I have to run. What query/widget combo gives me this information?

Which one gives just me the complete status of my testing?


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Fariz Saracevic (904613) | answered Oct 13 '12, 11:16 p.m.
Hi Sterling,

You posted 2-3 questions and they are not quite clear. Therefore, my response will probably need to be appended once your provide additional details.

Regarding TCs or TERs assigned to me, here are a couple of approaches:
1) If you open QM widget catalog and use smart search, you will get 28 widgets for "test case". You can use one like "Execution Status by Test Case Category using Weight (Live)".

2) Another approach would be to
use "My Tasks" widget which would give you listing of your TC based on tasks assigned to you. This would work in organization with a bit heavier process.

When you say complete status of my testing, could you please elaborate? Are you looking like traceability map or something else?

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Hao Wan (1.5k35) | answered Oct 14 '12, 10:47 p.m.
edited Oct 14 '12, 10:59 p.m.
Hi Sterling,
another way is to use the Execution Record(s) widget on the Project Dashboard.

and create a query in the Browse the "Test Case Executin Records" and in the owner tab, select "currect owner" aand save the query as "assgined to me"


on the Execution Record widget,
select the query "assigned to me"

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