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Dependent enumerations with Multi-select List

VK L (8177151159) | asked Oct 12 '12, 2:05 a.m.
Hi All,
               I tried a similar scenario.
Source: Enumeration
Target: medium string (multi-select list referring an enumeration)

Created a value-set between the 2 enumerations.

How to associate the value-set? Since string type does not have value-set enabled. Please advise


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Ralph Schoon (62.3k33643) | answered Oct 12 '12, 6:48 a.m.
I tried RTC 4  it does not work. Reason probably being, the value set for strings ony shows compatible (string based) value sets. You could try to use a script based approach. Not sure if that works, especially if the multi selection presentation can handle it. You could also try a validator that rules out odd combinations.

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