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RTC works well with VS2012 RTM!

Ben Rubinger (47125) | asked Sep 20 '12, 2:07 p.m.
edited Sep 20 '12, 2:09 p.m.

This isn't so much a question, but I wanted to let people know that RTC (Build: I4.0_20120612-0623 ) works great from Visual Studio 2012 RTM! You just need to enable the proper environment variable (IBM_RTC_VS11_ENABLED = true) before you install. I'm regularly checking in code and using the code comparison viewer with no problems. Only heads up I wanted to share:

Occasionally when opening a solution, VS will hang. The fix is pretty easy: I open process explorer, and under the devenv.exe process there are two "scm.exe" processes. I kill one, and the solution proceeds to load (and all RTC features work as expected).

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Rolf Nelson (617159) | answered Sep 20 '12, 5:20 p.m.
Just wanted to add that we are planning to officially support Visual Studio 2012 first with the RTC 4.0.1 release, which is intended to be delivered well within the 90 day window we target for new releases of Visual Studio.  Microsoft released Visual Studio 2012 in mid-September so you can expect to see RTC 4.0.1 released soon during the Q4 2012 quarter.  You can follow the progress on the 4.0.1 release plan here  We also intend to back port support for Visual Studio 2012 in an RTC service pack.   You can follow the progress on the activity in this work item.Visual Studio 2012 on 3.x
-Rolf (RTC Product Manager)
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