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Blue horizontal lines in taskboard view (eclipse) instead of the work items

Martin Wassermann (13864144) | asked Sep 04 '12, 8:09 a.m.
I have found a problem in the plan view (taskboard user) in the eclipse client:

The taskboard view shows only horizontal lines if I execute following steps:

1) open a plan in the eclipse client  (type sprint backlog)
2) switch to taskboard user view
3) click collapse all button on top.
4) when I expanding any section, only horizontal blue lines instead of the work items are displayed

When I click expand all, then the work items are displayed correct. Both, client and Server are Version 4. If I try to open the plan with Eclipse Client 3, everything works fine.

Martin Wassermann commented Sep 04 '12, 8:47 a.m.

In another project area I have a similar problem,. If I edit the taskboard view (Grouping owner) only the “expand al”l button works. The “collapse all” button has no effect.

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