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Do we need to run repotool -reindex and other indice related commands after database upgrade?

Don Yang (7.7k21110138) | asked Aug 30 '12, 4:06 a.m.
We use RTC3013 and Oracle database.
We are to upgrade Oracle database to and want to know if we need to do anything
(other than backup procedures etc) in RTC side after database upgrade. For example. do we need to run repotool -reindex and other related commands after that?

It seems upgrade database itself may not have any impact but want to know if there is anything we need to take care of post DB upgrade. Thanks a lot

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Ralph Schoon (63.2k33646) | answered Aug 30 '12, 5:46 a.m.

while the upgrade of the DB the server is down. For my perspective this means that the indexes etc. will stay consistent with the new database.
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Don Yang commented Aug 30 '12, 8:41 p.m.

Thanks Ralph for the info.

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