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RRDI 2.0 with X64 WAS and X64 Linux for CLM V4.0: 32-bit DB2 client?

Frank Ning (50025119133) | asked Aug 15 '12, 2:48 p.m.
retagged Sep 28 '12, 9:29 a.m. by Kelly Raposo (463)

Based on the CLM V4.0 information center, the RRDI 2.0 can be installed on a report server with 64-bit WAS and 64-bit Linux. However, the document mentions that 32-bit DB2 client has to be used in the case when the database server is on a remote machine, which is the case for my env.


The reporting server is 64-bit Linux with 64-bit WAS, DB2 V9.7 does not allow to install its 32-bit client on X64 Linux. We have to install the X64 DB2 client. How could we make RRDI work in this env if it only supports 32-bit DB2 client?

I have to use 64-bit Linux and WAS. The only possible option is to set the DB2 64-bit instance env to use its 32-bit libraries so that it can behave like 32-bit client. I have not tried this yet but like to check if anyone had the similar setting (64-bit Linux for RRDI reporting server with remote database (DW, RICM).

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Nagesh Srinivas (10838) | answered Sep 08 '13, 2:16 p.m.

Hi Frank,

This may be helpful.

RRDI Supported Configurations.

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ankur sharma (66212228) | answered Aug 16 '12, 5:32 a.m.
I believe DB2 32 bit client libs should work for you. Are you facing any issues with them?

Frank Ning commented Aug 24 '12, 8:42 a.m.

Thanks. Yes, it looks like so. I ran into other issues posted at

I doubt it is related to the 32-bit client setup.

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