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AssesrtionFailed Error.

Sarthak Sharma (4711620) | asked Jul 17 '12, 1:45 a.m.
I have one follow up action and one precondition. When I am adding them both in Operations Behaviour , then, one AssertFailed error is coming. But If I check them separately then both are working fine. What can be the issue?

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Aradhya K (1.4k54345) | answered Jul 17 '12, 2:07 a.m.
Hi Sarthak Sharma

Can you get the complete error stack trace for the assertion failed Error.
Ideally in the precondition we only check for some of the validations and follow up actions is to update other artifacts based on the changes to the current work item.
If you want to update the work item under the operation, then I think better is to use the calculated values feature of the  work items customization.
There is one such example in the Formal Project area Out of Box template Risk work items for calculated values.

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