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CLM 4.0: Running in Apache Tomcat as a Windows service (64-bit)

Dennis Schultz (55157) | asked Jun 15 '12, 10:21 a.m.
Following the instructions in the 4.0 InfoCenter, my tomcat Windows service will not start.  The tomcat-stderr.<date>.log file states

JVMJ9GC019E -Xmn too large for -Xms
JVMJ9VM015W Initialization error for library j9gc24(2): Failed to initialize

Comparing the 4.0 InfoCenter instructions to the 3.0.1 InfoCenter instructions, I noticed the following Java Options have been added:

Removing those options allowed my Tomcat service to start successfully.  What might be the concequences of removing those options?

James Stuckey commented Jun 15 '12, 12:56 p.m.

The -Xmn and -Xms settings as well as the preferredHeapBase have to do with the minimum and maximum values for the heap as well as the start of the heap in the virtual address space. So, the potential consequence is that your server may run out of available heap or native memory space.

Is this a 32-bit or 64-bit Windows OS and how much memory does it have? (this may help in determining how you may need to tweak those values for your system)

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James Stuckey (63634) | answered Jun 15 '12, 7:39 p.m.
I agree it looks like the article needs some additional information.  I have opened Settings in 64-bit windows tomcat as a service do not work for 4G server (minimum memory system) (215050)

I would suggest you omit the following options (from the list in the help topic).  This should allow you to run with the amount of memory you have.
You could experiment with changes to -Xmx/ms if you need to further restrict the heap size based on your system usage.

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Dennis Schultz (55157) | answered Jun 15 '12, 2:12 p.m.
Hi, James,

This is a 64-bit virtual machine given 4GB RAM.  I will do some research into these settings to see what would be appropriate.  It seems to me that the InfoCenter should describe them somewhat and provide some suggestions, especially if the recommended values are incompatible with each other as the error message seems to imply.


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Dennis Schultz (55157) | answered Jun 18 '12, 2:09 p.m.
James - thanks for the attention.  My system is just a test machine so at this point I don't need to optimize for performance or scalability, however I do agree that the infocenter topic should provide more guidance and should provide a valid set of options for all supported systems, even if they are on the low end of the range.

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