Running in Apache Tomcat as a Windows service (64-bit, Rational Quality Manager)

Currently, the 32-bit version of Apache Tomcat that is installed with IBM® Rational® Quality Manager does not run as a service on 64-bit Microsoft® Windows® computers. To run Rational Quality Manager as a service on a 64-bit computer, you must replace the 32-bit version of Apache Tomcat with the 64-bit version.

Before you begin

The following procedure requires a batch file that is installed with Rational Quality Manager 2.0.1 and later. If you are running an older version of the product, no batch file is provided. See for further details about running the product as a Windows service and using other supported databases.


To set up Rational Quality Manager to run as a Windows service under Apache Tomcat.

  1. Download the 64-bit version of tomcat5.exe.amd64 and tomcat5w.exe.amd64 from one of these sites:

  2. Remove any Windows service that is running Rational Quality Manager. For example, to remove a service named 2.0.1, complete these steps:
    1. Open a command prompt, and change to the InstallDir\server directory.
    2. Enter rqm.service.bat remove 2.0.1.
    3. Restart the computer.
  3. Change to the InstallDir\server\tomcat\bin directory, and rename tomcat5.exe to tomcat5.exe.32.
  4. Copy tomcat5w.exe.amd64 as InstallDir/server/tomcat/bin/tomcat5w.exe.
  5. Install the new 64-bit service for Rational Quality Manager by changing to the InstallDir\server directory, and typing the following command:

    rqm.service.bat install version

    where version is a unique ID that you assign for running that version of the product as a Windows service.

  6. After the service starts, verify that the server is running by logging on to the server from your browser.


To run version 2.0.1 as a Windows service, type rqm.service.bat install 2.0.1.