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How to display User story workflow as state Column to the Taskboard in Web Client?

Jonathan Simard (111) | asked Jun 12 '12, 2:08 p.m.
We just migrated from RTC 2.0 to RTC 3.0.1 and we have a little problem with the taskboard view.

I want to display all states of the User story workflow in the taskboard view from the web client. I have no probleme doing it in the eclipse client but once in the web client the same plan isn't displayed the same way.

First the columns are the state groups(Open, In Progress, Closed) instead of states. Also, the plan only display execution items (task and defect) which a user story is not. User stories are only displayed in the first column.

In this technote (, it describe how to add column in the taskboard. It's writed that new column must be assigned to OSLC state group but what happen if we need to display more column then the available OSLC state group?

Also how can we make user story displayed in the taskboard like task and defect?

Marty Gase commented Mar 14 '13, 4:23 p.m.

Can I get a little more clarity on your answer?  Are you saying only the state group can be displayed on the Taskboard columns in the Web Client?

If so, are their any plans on adding the ability to show the states?  We have leveraged that functionality in the eclipse client and our users will feel that is lost functionality when we start using the Web Client later this year.


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Sharoon Shetty Kuriyala (55133) | answered Jun 12 '12, 11:59 p.m.
Hi Jonathan,

The Eclipse client is out dated and there are no plans to change that. The Web Client shows plan items in the left column and allows it's children to be dragged around. We stepped away from showing all workflow states because that worked for one workflow. Instead we now show all state groups of which you can have multiple. The states are part of a state group - for instance 'implementing' and 'testing' are part of the 'in progress' state group. Both, states and state groups can be configured freely in the Project Area setup. 

As mentioned above the taskboard view shows the plan items in the left however In 4.0 we have the Kanban view which shows all items on the plan (plan items or execution items).


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